10 Pictures that will make you book iceland next year

Aurora borealis at Mount Kirkjufell Iceland

1 – Actual caves made of glaciers!2 – Were else can you find water falls on such a scale  3 – This place ACTUALLY exists… and its warm too4 – Despite the fact your near the arctic circle

5 – Can’t say i would get married here….  

6 – Yes! a real life Glacier!!! and its moving slowly too

7 – Might even catch a floating iceberg! watch out titanic

8 – No! this isn’t photo shop… this is real! the northern light


9 – Its called iceland but its actually mainly green…ironic? 

10 – Burst pipe? no another natural phenomenon … a hot spring

And whats the best bit?

Iceland air do stop over packages, so you can stop over on your way to USA or CANADA for a few nights for no extra cost(infact its even cheaper than your regular flight)