The Story Of Keaton Jones and why it sums up 2017


It appears 2017 is the year of having nice things but not for long.

After the duration of what’s been quite a trouble some year the Keaton Jones story won’t be too much of a suprise.

What did shock millions of people is how quickly this story changed, in just over a week a heart warming story ended in tears.
It all began when Kimberly Jones from Tennessee uploaded a video to Twitter of her 11 year old son Keaton Jones’s moving speech about being bullied.


The tear jerking video went viral and had an outpour of celebrities offering support such as Justin Bieber, Rhianna, Cardi B and Mark Hamill. Chris Evans even personally invited him to the Avengers Infinity War Premiere.

However like most things it all soon came crashing down when some light was shed on the Jones family.

Photos of the family posing with the confederate flag were found and alleged controversial statements were shared from private messages.

A Go Fund Me page was set up presumably by the Jones family which gathered donations of up to $58,000 which was recently shut down. Giving people reason to believe Keatons family were using his misfortune to make money.

The family have denied all these accusations of monetizing his grief and any racist comments.

It’s such a shame that the internet can make bad moments go viral, raise awareness and generate so much support to fall in on itself through peoples actions.

However you think 2017 has been, it’s definitely been eventful.