WHY NOW is the right time to buy Litecoin!


    Today you cannot go anywhere without hearing something about Bitcoin, from stories of self made millionaires, news outlets, success stories and of course the I spent 1 Bitcoin years ago in exchange for a pizza (Hope the pizza was worth it)

    Well this article is for the ones who missed the original boom of Bitcoin but still have a good opportunity to invest.

    One of the biggest contenders in the world of Crypto currencies is Litecoin.

    Whilst it’s current value is only a fraction of Bitcoin this provides an opportunity to buy at a reasonable price with much more room to grow. As these currencies are constantly adapting you will see fluctuations but since the start of 2017 Lite Coin has risen by 7,291% against Bitcoins 1,731%. That’s, those that got on the band wagon in the beginning have already made some nice profits. There has also been forecasts for Litecoin to increase by $799.661 within a five year forecast.

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    As of course with all investments use your own due diligence and “only invest what you can afford to use”