5 things DJ’s won’t tell you


1. There’s a lot more to our job than just pressing play.

A Dj’s “office” is full of high tech gear that to the untrained eye looks as complicated as a plane cockpit. Ever played a set after the previous DJ has wacked the bass up that much your nearly hitting brown sound?

2. Things go wrong DJin live a lot

Technical difficulties happen all the time, whether it’s faulty cables or drunk party goers spilling drinks on your CDJ’S you have to be ready to fix things. It’s all too easy to mess up by saying the wrong thing or losing our track of thought, or we end up panicking to fill gaps left by queued songs failing to play. It can be a nightmare.

3. There are specific, extra-long tracks that we play if we need to shit.

You read right. Ever been mid set and been touching cloth? Every DJ has their go to track to nip off the decks for ten minutes. The 9 minute extended version of a track can be a godsend, “if you gotta go, you gotta go”

4. Dead air is a DJ’s worst fear

If I don’t return from my mid set log drop in time, the worst possible thing happens, dead air. This is when the track finishes and all you can hear is the static of the equipment and hundreds of confused customers usually followed by booing. Don’t worry though you’ll still be able to hear the pissed off club owner shouting your name in the chaos.

5. How much they earn.

Now this is quite a sad point to be honest. Over time the ability to DJ well is being replaced by low quality bedroom DJ’s who will accept a lower wage. For every resident DJ in a club you can guarantee there are other DJ’S itching to take that spot, offering sets for lower fee’s or even for free to get their foot in the door. The truth is if a DJ tells people their fee’s people will try to undercut them.